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Qingdao Jin Yi Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao Lichang District, the company has strong technical R & amp; d capabilities and advanced energy-saving purification assembly platform. The company always adhere to people-oriented, the pursuit of scientific and technological leadership, has always maintained a continuous ability to innovate. After the establishment of the rapid development of the company, the creation of innovative cooperation of the learning team, the construction of a high starting point, standard technical platform, become a leak detection equipment R & amp; d, production, sales and service as one of the modern enterprise.
The company's main business includes leak detector, gas tightness instrument, leak meter, gas-tight leak detector, helium leak detector, helium mass spectrometry leak detector, sealing detector, leak detector, gas-tight testing equipment, brazing plate heat exchanger and other related products, the company with the top professional talent team, Industry-leading R & amp; D and manufacturing capabilities with high-end customers at home and abroad to establish a long-term cooperative relationship, in electronics, new materials, new energy, waterproof monitoring, military technology, refrigeration, automotive, electricity and other fields have accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise, and through the continuous integration of the world's leading manufacturers of key components, The use of international set optimization of product manufacturing principles, and strive to make enterprises into the international leading leak detection well-known brands.

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  • 数码通讯

    Digital communications

    Air tightness detection for mobile phones, cell phone casings, smart bracelet, Bluetooth headphones, etc.

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  • 音频|电器

    Audio | appliances

    Air tightness detection for audio, micro-control switches, batteries, kettles, etc.

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  • 安防|照明

    Security | lighting

    Lighting, strong light flashlight, outdoor camera, intelligent door lock and other air tightness detection

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  • 汽车电子

    Automotive Electronics

    Air tightness detection for automotive headlights, automotive motors, car cameras, drones, etc.

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  • 医疗器械

    Medical devices

    Detection of air tightness of callers, infusion tubes, sphygmomanometers, human endoscopes, etc.

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  • 线材连接

    Wire Connection

    Air tightness detection for battery connectors, fiber optic connectors, motor connectors, etc.

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