Cryogenic Cold Traps

Cryogenic Cold Traps

Product Details

Cryogenic Cold Traps-Water vapor trap, to provide users with a fixed area of the low-temperature coil, the volatile molecules can be condensed on the low-temperature surface, so as to capture the volatile molecules. The cryogenic cold trap system consists of a refrigeration unit and a refrigerant tube. The refrigeration unit sends the cryogenic refrigerant directly to the coil and continuously circulates, the coil tube minimum temperature-135 ℃, may the vacuum cavity body the residual vapor condensation quickly to capture. The efficiency of vacuum chamber is improved, the evacuation time is reduced by 80%, and the vacuum degree is increased. Cryogenic cold traps are widely used in all kinds of high vacuum acquisition, aerospace material OSR production, vacuum coating and other fields.

Low temperature cold Trap Index parameters

Coil Tube Specifications1 square2 square
Compressor size10 Horses15 Horses
Compressor BrandFujiFuji
Energy consumption7.5kW10.5kW
Operating current21A28A
Power RequirementsAc380v,5hzAc380v,5hz
Minimum temperature-135 ℃-135 ℃
Pre-cooling time<><>
Coil Cooling Time (-120)<><>
Time of defrosting<><>
External dimensionsL900 W800 H1700L900 W800 H1700
Cooling modeAir coolingWater
Cold water InterfaceDN16DN25
Cooling water Flow2 m3/h3 m3/h
Coil Tube SizeΦ16, 20 mΦ16, 40 m
Standard tube length<><>
Piping materialCopper TubeCopper Tube
Refrigeration AgentEnvironmentally friendly mixed refrigerantsEnvironmentally friendly mixed refrigerants
Pumping Speed l/s149000238400
Applicable cavity diameter mm3001500