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Wire plug connector leak detector detection scheme-Qingdao Jin Yi Aviation Technology
- 2018-12-28-

Wire plug connector is often used in our life of an electrical components, mainly by the wire and plug two parts, whether the car or daily will be used, so people pay more and more attention to its safety, in the premise of the protection function, but also to safe and reliable, beautiful appearance and so on. The safety aspect is mainly to prevent leakage of water seepage, so we have developed according to market requirements to be able to target wire plug connectorsLeak detectorand tooling.

First, wire plug connector leak detection We mainly through the following points to analyze and solve:

Wire plug connectors are generally irregular cuboid, in order to connect with the socket head are equipped with two or three contact metal, the shell is anti-leakage of the material, and the cable docking at no obvious gap, the sealing is better; this appearance can not directly on the wire plug connector air tightness detection, and wire and joints have contact, adverse detection , for the special shape of the wire plug connector, King Ii specially customized special mold, and in the mold on the wire specially made a filled groove, the wire plug connector into the mold when the card is just good, around the rubber rubber ring fully fit, so that in the detection of the upper and lower mold closure can effectively maintain the closure of the test, The tooling can maintain the internal saturation of the mold when filling the gas, which provides a good detection environment for the leak detection of the wire plug connector.

In addition, customers want to improve detection efficiency, reduce testing costs, the requirements of two wire plug connectors for simultaneous testing, King Ii technology in addition to their own equipment improvement, but also specifically developed a dual-station tooling, greatly providing detection efficiency.

Wire Plug Connector leak detector

Second, wire plug connector leak detection use principle and parameter description

King Ii This leak detector is composed of three parts: leak detector, external gas source and test tooling, the equipment is small in size, can also be customized multi-station, more convenient to achieve line-production leakage detection. Gas source is the use of compressed air, trachea road is best equipped with a first-effect filtration device, can defend against the air density of the material infringement, and the intelligent Monitoring system of the gold easy navigation data, to achieve the wire plug connector air tightness of high-precision detection.

Inspection will be two wire plug connectors into two tooling mold, and our instrument connection, the instrument inside a valve island, gas storage tank and other components connected, through the pre-set control program online detection wire plug connector, just press the start key.

In the test, the instrument will control the valve to inflate the mold. If the wire connector is unsealed, there is a leak, then the leakage value in the instrument display data is also getting larger, while the pressure value decreases. In this way we can determine whether the wire connector is leaking air, the instrument test results will also show Ng, indicating that the product is not up to standard. When the test wire plug connector does not leak air, after the inflatable tooling mold inside the gas will be in a constant state, leakage detector above the pressure value and leakage value is also stable, the test results show OK words, which indicates that we test the product is qualified.

The leakage detector parameters used in the Wire Plug connector test are as follows: