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Gas tightness detection solution for air-tight testing equipment for MP3
- 2019-01-18-

MP3 has become the audio device that most young people carry with them, can be played anywhere, and now many special situations also need to be able to meet people's needs for music, such as in the open-air rainy days, swimming and other environments. This requires MP3 to have waterproof function. If you want to meet the MP3 in the water can also meet the normal playback words, the need for equipment to meet the IP67 standard. Qingdao King Ii to meet the MP3 performance test, custom-made tooling, combined with the companyAir-Tight testing equipment, It provides the following solutions to detect the waterproof performance of MP3 and to detect the air tightness of MP3.

(MP3 gas-tight testing equipment)

Analysis of difficult points in the detection of MP3 air tightness

1, MP3 shell is generally made of plastic materials, the front is the MP3 display area and operation torsion, the overall irregular quadrilateral shape, testing needs to maintain the stability of the product and the accuracy of the test results, in addition to the MP3 also used the relevant auxiliary supplies, so that it formed a more sealed structure.

(MP3 appearance)

2, the shape of the MP3 is more special, the material sealing degree is high, in the detection need to maintain its sealing, to avoid external pollution of the MP3 working environment.
3, in the testing process, due to air tightness problems occurred in the shell breakage, may lead to damage to the internal parts.
4, lax sealing will lead to damage to internal parts, service life and safety degree decline.

Second, MP3 air tightness detection solution

Qingdao Jin Yi Aviation Technology According to the appearance of MP3 structure characteristics, the use of three-dimensional mapping to create precision tooling, mold modeling and product modeling fit, divided into on the mold and under the mold, when the upper and lower mold closure can form a closed detection space, conducive to the realization of high-precision sealing detection. The mold is not only as a container for MP3, but also as a protective device in its detection, the mold in the detection can be isolated from the outside world's impact on the MP3, to achieve nondestructive testing.

(MP3 air tightness detection process display)

By the manufacturer to provide a dry and clean gas source connected to the air-tight testing equipment air inlet, through the voltage regulator valve to adjust the air to the required pressure, and then disconnect the compressed air supply, static for a period of time to stabilize its pressure, after the established measurement time to monitor the detection of small changes in air pressure in the environment. The sensor transmits this information to the detection system, and finally, after a series of operations, the leakage value of the gas can be obtained, and the air tightness of the MP3 can be detected according to the leakage value.

(MP3 air tightness testing tooling)

Qingdao Jin Yi Air Science and technology air tightness testing equipment easy to operate, easy to understand the interface, at the same time with a variety of data transmission ports, can be detected products of historical data for linear analysis, can also export data, easy for customers to store and analyze.

Third, MP3 use of gas-tight testing Equipment parameter table