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Wire connector airtight leak detector air tightness inspection program
- 2018-08-08-

Using a connector that is not waterproof can result in many devices not functioning properly or even dangerous. Then connector waterproofing has become a focus. Moreover, the rise of new energy vehicles has led to more stringent waterproofing of connectors on automobiles. Therefore, the traditional water-buffering method to detect the waterproof rating of the connector is insufficient to meet the market demand, so it is necessary to use a new waterproof testing method, wherein the airtight leak detector is a high-tech airtight testing device, airtight. The leak detector is suitable for different products, different connectors, different waterproof level detection, testing and identification.

First of all, in order to waterproof the connector, it is necessary to understand the waterproof processing of the connector. Need to know where those places are not sealed and those places are sealed. And how to seal each place, will have a certain impact on the waterproof detection of the connector. Most of the waterproofing process of the connector uses a sealing ring, or a glue, or an integral glue as a sealing process. These several sealing and waterproofing processes can be detected using a gas leak detector.
The sealing and waterproofing process of the connector is generally sealed by a sealing ring or an integral filling glue, and the sealing ring of the connector is not installed when it is installed. Or there is a bubble in the glue. Then the waterproof performance of the connector will be affected. Since the sealing ring is not installed properly, the water leakage will be very strong. At this time, we use the traditional method ------ soaking water. It is also possible to detect if the connector is sealed. But if the glue has bubbles. Or if there is a small leak when the glue is not enough, there is no way to carry out the sealing test by the soaking method. Now we mainly talk about the detection method of tiny leakage of connectors.
That is a hermetic leak detector that uses compressed air for water resistance testing. Our airtight leak detector testing system is relatively advanced, and many wire and connector manufacturers have cooperation. Very experienced in the field of connector waterproof testing. The airtight leak detector is a new type of sealing, waterproof and airtight testing equipment using compressed air detection.