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Medical Pager leak Detector sealing test scheme
- 2018-08-08-

Medical pager failure and the cause of the long life is not caused by waterproof, how to ensure the medical pager waterproof test, to achieve the corresponding medical pager waterproof level, you can useLeak Detection instrumentConduct medical pager tightness detection.

Medical pager waterproof grade is different from the situation of the use of waterproof grade is not the same, such as in the water used medical pager, it needs to have quite good waterproof performance.
Medical pagers are divided into wired, and wireless, depending on the way they are manufactured. Wireless and wired waterproof test methods are not the same.
Wired Medical pager Waterproof test, wire is generally not pass, then the test must be placed in the leak tester inside to detect.
If it is a wireless medical pager waterproof test, then only the medical pager should be based on the shape of the seal tooling, and then put the medical pager in the tooling through the leak detector for sealing test.
Through the leak detection device for the medical pager different waterproof test grade test, tooling is the same, but the difference is that the test criteria for water resistance is different, the parameters used are different.