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Mobile phone seal detector waterproof test program
- 2018-08-03-

When it comes to the airtightness detection of the waterproof seal detector of the mobile phone, let's start with the waterproof structure of the mobile phone. The new generation of waterproof technology is relatively mature, and while adding waterproof function, it is not as bloated as the three-proof machine. The flagship mobile phone represented by Sony series mobile phone and Samsung flagship S7/NOTE7 has matured to apply the highest level of waterproof function, while Apple's latest released iPhone 8 also supports waterproof, watch supports 50m waterproof, Apple has always been a technical weather vane, is expected to lead next year The follow-up of domestic brands, and waterproof is also expected to extend from mobile phones and watches to 3C products such as wearables. It can also make a difference in many fields such as automobiles and medical care. It is expected that domestic brands are expected to fully participate in waterproof innovation next year, and tens of billions of markets will break out. To ensure the reliability of mobile phone waterproofing, it will be essential to use sealing detectors to detect products.
Then, the combination of various methods and processes will certainly lead to a variety of non-waterproof problems, and these problems have become a headache for mobile phone manufacturers. After several years of in-depth research on waterproof and airtightness, Jin Yihang also made a special study on the waterproof detection of mobile phones, combining the actual market problems with the technology developed by himself, and doing a lot of mobile phone gas through the seal detector. Tightness and waterproof rating test. At present, the mobile phone waterproof level and airtightness detection non-destructive compressed air seal detector have been widely used in the mobile phone market. The seal detector is equipped with a barcode scanner and a remote development system to make the waterproof detection more intelligent.

The sealed detector features an imported pressure sensor and a highly sensitive large-screen touch screen. The test accuracy can reach 0.11pa, and the positive and negative pressure air tightness detection system is integrated, which can be fully applied to the difficulties of various aspects of mobile phone waterproof detection.

About the waterproof detection method of mobile phone seal detector:
1. Connect the power supply and air source of the sealed detector, and connect the test port to the mobile phone waterproof test tool. The tooling needs to be made according to the size of the mobile phone;
Second, start the mobile phone seal detector with both hands, and then the air tightness test passes through the process of air pressure, voltage regulation, and test, and then the air leakage rate is obtained;
Third, the seal detector can determine the waterproof level of the mobile phone according to the upper limit of leakage of the previous equipment. If it is less than the upper limit of the leak, the size is unqualified, and the whole test process takes only ten seconds.
For the waterproof test of the whole mobile phone, the product, the fixture and the seal detector are first connected and then tested.