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Which methods of airtight leak detectors are usually used for testing?
- 2019-09-09-

There are still many methods for detecting airtight leak detectors. Each method is suitable for different environments. Before the leak detection, the choice should be made according to the corresponding conditions and environment.

Regardless of the method used, it takes a certain amount of time to detect the leak rate. The length of response time may affect the accuracy and sensitivity of the leak detection. Generally, prolonging the detection time will increase the sensitivity, but the detection time is too long due to changes in environmental conditions. May reduce detection accuracy. The response time includes the response time of the test instrument itself, the lag time of the gas flow, and the time required for various preparations. This must be taken into account when choosing a leak detection method.

Leak detection is a comprehensive technique for metering and testing. If the data obtained from the test is unstable, it makes no sense. Proper leak detection requires not only the stability of the instrument, but also the stability of the test itself.

Some leak detection methods can only determine whether the system has a leak, but it is impossible to determine where the leak is. Some leak detection methods can not only determine the leak point, but also determine the leak rate. If you only want to find out if the device is suitable, you can use the former method. When you are repairing or looking for the cause of the leak, you must use the latter method. In the latter case, sometimes the leak detection may occur.

For some leak detection methods, regardless of whether the tester is skilled, the test results are basically the same, and some methods are used by both layman and layman, and the results are completely different. Where possible, methods that do not require skilled expertise can be used for proper detection. Each method has different technical key points, and different leak detectors may not be able to produce consistent leak detection results.

Economics is one of the keys to choosing a leak detection method. It is easier to consider the economics of the leak detection method itself, but it is more difficult to comprehensively evaluate the economics of the leak detection method from the aspects of the required leak detection equipment, personnel technical literacy, and leak detection results. Failure to detect a leak does not mean that there is no leak, which should be judged. When using some method for leak detection, you should know if the method is reliable. The reliability of the leak detection results is related to the consistency of the method described above, stability and other factors.

Regardless of which leak detection method is used for a gas leak detector, the basic principles must be understood. The leak detection method covers a wide range of content and reflects various measurement and testing techniques. It is not easy to understand in detail the principles of many detection methods.