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What details should be paid attention to in order to ensure the accuracy of the airtight leak detector (2)
- 2019-09-17-

The airtight leak detector uses a microcomputer chip, a high-precision sensor and a zero-leakage solenoid valve to ensure the accuracy of the test results and the durability of the instrument. It is a commonly used test equipment. Let us talk about ensuring the airtight leak detector test today. The exact details needed.

(1) Equipped with sufficient ventilation conditions for the leak detection area: If the leaking gas 氦/hydrogen leaks, it will fly like a balloon to the top of the test area and gradually fill the entire leak test area. Even though all the connectors are completely sealed, it is inevitable that a small amount of leak detection gas will be released during the connection or disassembly process. Therefore, it is very important to equip the test leak area with adequate ventilation. Since both leak detection gases have a tendency to move upwards, it is recommended to feed fresh air from the bottom and exhaust gas from the top to the outside.

(2) The leak pressure is the same as the top pressure experienced during operation: many seals leak at a certain pressure threshold. If the leak is not tested under the top pressure of the running process, some leaks should not be detected. Therefore, the use of a higher test pressure in the leak detection process can effectively detect leaks that do not occur in actual operation.

(3) Ensure that the direction of the test leak is the same as the direction of the pressure in use: Many seals have a selected mounting direction and only seal in this direction. For example, radial shaft seals, which have a sealing effect in only one direction, will leak in the opposite direction. Similarly, there are many seals that have a similar situation. If the direction of the test leak is the same as the direction of the pressure applied during use, it will be easy to find the actual leak without being disturbed by false alarms.

(4) Avoid the influence of the wind on the sniffer in the test leak zone: usually in the production environment, the flow of air occurs due to temperature difference, fan or other air flow factors, and any air flow is detected. Leakage capability has a certain negative effect, because the gas to be detected will be blown away from the opening of the sniffer tip by the wind. In order to obtain good test results, the test leak area should shield the adverse effects of these winds.

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