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The points that should be noted when testing the airtight leak detector.
- 2019-09-13-

The airtight leak detector needs to pay attention to the four-point detection elements and the points that need attention during the experiment. Note the following points for the selection of the airtight leak detector:

(1) It is recommended that the internal volume of the internal volume is greater than 5L. The flow type should be selected as much as possible. Because the micro-leakage is difficult to cause differential pressure change when the internal volume is large, the internal volume of the workpiece is less than 5l, and the flow rate type can be selected according to the process requirements. Differential pressure type.

(2) When there are many varieties of production lines, the parameters required for each variety (such as inflation time, balance time, and qualified judgment value) are different. At this time, the user needs to select the airtight leak detector with channel function, so that one model Corresponding to a set of channel parameters.

(3) Since the airtight meter uses a special control board, the after-sales problem is often only handled by the manufacturer. Therefore, it is also important to select the airtight meter that has certain strength and strong viability.

(4) For workpiece inspection with strict requirements on leakage index, it is necessary to select a gas leak detector with good quality and high precision.

Four points to note when testing a gas leak detector:

1. Unit of measurement. Refers to the legal unit of our country, the unit of length is meters (m), and other common units are millimeters (mm) and micrometers (um).

2, detection accuracy. Refers to the degree of agreement between the test results and the ideal value. Any test measurement will inevitably produce errors, so the error and accuracy are two corresponding concepts.

3. Detection object. Mainly refers to the relevant geometric elements of the part being tested.

4. Detection method. Refers to the combination of measuring instruments, detection principles and testing conditions used in the testing process.

Points to note during the experiment:

(1) In the airtightness test in winter, when the ambient temperature is lower than 0 °C, in order to prevent the soapy water from solidifying and affecting the leak test effect, a certain amount of alcohol or white wine may be added to the soap water to lower the solidification temperature and ensure the leak test effect. .

(2) In the process of leak test, if there is any leak, it is not allowed to carry out repair with pressure. The chalk can be used as a mark in the leak. After the whole system has been leak tested, it will be repaired after pressure relief. After doing the trapping work, the pressure test should be carried out again until the whole system is not leaking.
(3) The number of weld repairs shall not exceed two times. If it exceeds two times, the weld shall be sawn off or re-welded. It is found that the micro-leakage should also be repaired, and it should not be used to make it leak-proof.

(4) The user only needs to use the airtight leak detector for leak detection, that is, it does not need to be connected with other control systems, and the detector without input, output port and communication interface can be selected.