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Cleaning and maintenance of precision leak detector probes
- 2019-09-26-

A leak detector is an instrument that detects the leakage of liquid or gas in a pipe or container. The ultra-high sensitivity combustible gas leak detector adopts the semiconductor detection principle and is more suitable for finding and detecting the position of the micro-leakage combustible gas. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, convenient operation, convenient carrying, flexible probe and comfortable hand feeling.

The main purpose of precision leak detectors : waterproof testing of cameras, mobile phones, flashlights, medical equipment, auto parts, electronic products, etc., air tightness test. So, how to maintain the daily leak detector maintenance? Qingdao Jinyihang Technology reminds everyone that it is enough to just do these two steps!

1. Probe cleaning: Use the included protective cover to prevent dust, water vapor and grease from clogging the probe. Before using the instrument, check that the probe and protective cover are free of dust or grease.
( 1) Pull down the protective cover.
( 2) Clean the protective cover with industrial towels or compressed air.
( 3) If the probe itself is dirty, it can be immersed in a mild detergent such as alcohol for a few seconds, then cleaned with compressed air or industrial towel. It is strictly prohibited to use solvents such as gasoline, turpentine, mineral oil, etc., which will easily reduce the sensitivity of the instrument.

2. Probe replacement: The probe will always fail and need to be replaced. Since probe life is directly related to usage conditions and frequency, it is difficult to predict accurate replacement times. When alarming or unstable in clean, pure air, the probe should be replaced. The specific probe steps are as follows:
( 1) Confirm that the instrument is off.
( 2) Unscrew the old probe counterclockwise.
( 3) Turn the spare probe provided in the box clockwise.