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Airtight detection equipment application range
- 2019-09-23-

The airtightness detector is also called a seal detector, a waterproof detector or a leak detector, and a gas density detector. The primary purpose of a hermetic detector is to detect the sealing properties of a product or component. The airtightness tester is also called a waterproof tester or an IP67 waterproof tester. It is mainly used to check whether a product is waterproof or not, and whether the waterproof rating of a product can reach the IP67 level. As the name suggests, the product is tested with gas as the test medium.

The gas source is a necessary condition for the use of the airtightness tester. The traditional method of sealing test is to use water for testing, but sealing tests with water has many disadvantages:

1. The operation is complicated, the operator needs to put the product in the water, and many products need to be dried after soaking in water.

2. Water molecules are large, tiny leaks, water is not detected.

3. The leakage of the product is mainly observed by the naked eye of the operator, and the operator's misjudgment is relatively small.

4. The test speed is slow and there is no way to adapt to the fast automated production needs.

Because of these shortcomings, more manufacturers began to choose a more modern airtight tester with faster test speed and relatively accurate test results. The airtight detector is divided into six series of airtight testing equipment according to different test products and customer requirements. The airtightness tester not only detects the airtightness of tiny products, such as electric toothbrushes, watches, or cell phone speakers. Can also detect relatively large industrial supplies such as: car battery packs, high-voltage electrical protection devices, large outdoor audio, etc.

The airtight detector is widely used in automotive parts, communication electronics, household appliances, outdoor security, and industrial supplies. The application of airtight testing equipment is as follows:

1. Mobile phone industry: mobile phone back cover / front frame, waterproof machine, waterproof, breathable / sound-permeable film, waterproof mobile phone sets, etc.

2. Automotive industry: tire pressure module, car camera, car lights, auto parts, car lines, charging guns, chargers, controllers, etc.

3. Battery industry: battery pack, lithium battery case, terminal and housing, battery charger, etc.

4. Home appliance industry: smart home controller, coffee machine, juicer, blender, kettle, etc.

5. Smart wear: smart bracelet, watch, underwater alarm, etc.

6. Electronic consumption: electric toothbrush, sports audio, Bluetooth speaker/earphone, epilator, electric bath head, etc.

7. Outdoor security: LED lights, outdoor cameras, smart door locks, outdoor control, communication base stations, underwater alarms, etc.

8. Military products: fuze, walkie-talkie, hand-held walkie-talkie, car-mounted walkie-talkie, three-proof mobile phone, etc.

9. Medical equipment: sphygmomanometer, electronic thermometer, endoscopic capsule and various infusion oxygen tubes.

10. Valve pipe: the sealing of the valve, the permeability of the pipe, the sealing test of the joint.

11. Wire harness industry: waterproof connectors, waterproof wires, etc.