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Application of Sealing Detector in Fresh-keeping Box
- 2020-03-27-

At the moment of the epidemic, the safe distribution of food is particularly important. A high-quality vacuum crisper can not only isolate the virus, but also keep the fruits and vegetables fresh, and avoid odor in the refrigerator. Now, the vacuum crisper is gradually used in the family. The sealing function has a very important influence on the quality of the sealed crisper. So how to use the seal tester to test the sealed fresh-keeping box, let's take a look at the instrument below.

The air-tightness test is carried out using the computer control method, the manual operation mode, and the air as the medium. The air-tightness testing equipment presses the inside of the sealed box to detect the degree of sealing and judge whether there is leakage in the sealed box. The pressure parameter is -80 to 120kpa, and the pressure accuracy is 0.1Mpa.

The air tightness tester is also called a tightness tester or a waterproof tester. Although they are called differently, they are all used to test the tightness of the product. The principle of the instrument is to use the pressure decay method to detect the tightness of a product. The so-called pressure decay method means to pressurize a product with gas and watch the pressure change of the gas. There are two situations here. One is that the product itself has an inflatable hole. We will directly inflate and pressurize the product, then cut off the gas source and observe the change in gas pressure. If the pressure drops, it means that the product is leaking. It is good not to drop.

The second is that the product does not have an air-filling hole. We need to make a sealed cavity the same size as the product shape and specification, which is an abrasive tool, and try to fit the product as much as possible, because the test results obtained by doing this are more accurate. When the gas is pressurized, the gas will be filled into the space between the product and the grinding tool, and then the gas source will be cut off to check whether the gas pressure has dropped. If there is a gas leak, the gas will leak into the product. If there is no drop, it is Ok. Compressed gas is mainly used to detect whether a product is leaking. Because this air tightness testing method is simple to operate, it is non-destructive testing for the tested products, and it is the current advanced testing method, so it is quickly welcomed by customers.

The seal tester will not cause any damage to the product. Compared with traditional equipment, our company's intelligent pressure difference is superior in accuracy and equipment stability. The test method can also be adjusted more product changes, and the speed improvement is also more obvious.