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How to choose a leak detector?
- 2020-08-18-

With the development of society, more and more manufacturers develop and produce leak detectors, and the prices are also different, resulting in a wide range of users to choose, then how should we choose?

1) Select flow type air tightness test equipment: if the detected internal volume is greater than 5L, the flow type should be selected; but when the detected internal volume is less than 5L, the flow type or pressure difference type should be selected according to the process requirements.

2) Choosing air tightness test equipment without output and inlet requires a separate air tightness test instrument and does not need to be connected to other control systems.

3) Choose air-tightness test equipment with channel function: When there are many test types in the production line, because the parameters required for each type may be different.

4) Choose high-precision and high-quality air tightness testing equipment: For the detection of workpieces that have strict requirements on leakage indicators, high-precision and high-quality testing equipment must be selected.

Leak detectors are widely used, and air-tightness detection methods are often used in experiments. Therefore, when choosing air-tightness detection methods, economy, sensitivity, response time, comprehensive evaluation of test requirements, etc. must be considered. Usually, we consider three factors, one is reliability, and the other two are consistency and stability. Below we mainly analyze the requirements of these three aspects.

1. Reliability: Failure to detect a leak does not mean that there is no leak and a judgment should be made on this. When using a certain method for leak detection, you should know whether the method is reliable. The reliability of leak detection results is related to the consistency and stability of the above methods.

2. Stability: Leak detection is a comprehensive measurement and testing technology. If the data obtained through the test is not stable, it is meaningless. Correct leak detection requires not only the stability of the detection instrument, but also the stability of the detection method itself. Economy is one of the keys to choosing the air tightness test method. It is easier to consider the economy of the leak detection method itself, but it is more difficult to comprehensively evaluate the economy of the leak detection method from the aspects of the required leak detection equipment, the technical requirements of the personnel, and the reliability. Leak test results. For example, soap liquid leak detection is a very economical method, but it cannot be used to detect smaller leaks. Therefore, it cannot be used in occasions with higher requirements for leakage. When using an expensive helium mass spectrometer leak detector, many smaller leaks can be quickly detected. In general, it is difficult to say which of the above two methods is economical and which is not.

3. Consistency: For some leak detector detection methods, the test results obtained are basically the same regardless of whether the tester is proficient or not; internal personnel and external personnel use certain methods, and the results are completely different. Where possible, methods that do not require specialized knowledge for proper detection should be used. Each method has a different technical key, and different leak detectors may not be able to obtain consistent leak detection results.