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Use of wire leak detector
- 2020-10-21-

When it comes to wires, you can quickly list many products in the industry, such as computer data cables, mouse data cables, sensor sensor cables, earphone cables, mobile phone charging cables, etc. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for these cables are getting higher and higher. The wire itself has very high requirements, and natural testing is more stringent. Our leak detector is used to detect the waterproof leakage of wires.

1. The wire itself has strong plasticity, flexibility and can be wound, so it is not conducive to direct inspection; from the appearance of the wire, most wires are irregular and long, and a small part is cylindrical. The connectors before and after the wires are irregular. shape

2. The front and back connectors of the wire are exposed to ensure use and are not easily blocked during the test, which may cause gas leakage; the lower part of the connector, in order to achieve its tightness, the manufacturer uses a seal at the joint . The circle and the entire part are filled with glue to isolate the intrusion of external substances. The leakage value is small and it is difficult to monitor the data.

First, we will customize a set of molds according to the overall situation of the welding wire. The mold can be designed according to the softness of the wire. In order to better fix the front and rear connectors of the wires, a groove is specially made to close the mold up and down. Can be better sealed.

Secondly, put the wire connector into the mold and connect with our leak detection equipment. According to the operation process, press the start button to execute the test.

When testing is required, the instrument will inflate the mold. If the wire connector is not sealed and air leakage occurs, the leak detector will sound an alarm, and the instrument test result will also show NG, and the wire is unqualified. If the tested wire connector does not leak, the gas in the mold will be in a constant state after inflation. Within the specified pressure leakage value range, the instrument test result will display OK, indicating that the product's tightness is qualified.