Sound Multi-station Seal Detector

Sound Multi-station Seal Detector

Product Details

        It has very high flexibility and scalability. With a modular design, the control system is independent of the execution. A system can be implemented to control multiple execution modules to form a multi-channel test. At the same time, it also takes into account the cost performance!


       ◆ High flexibility, function can be increased and decreased according to demand .

        ◆ Strong scalability, multiple sets of sensors.

       ◆ Quickly compose multi-channel testing, which greatly shortens the automation development cycle.

        ◆ Analytical control system can use industrial control computer plus control card or embedded system and other methods to facilitate the docking and implementation of MES system.

       ◆ Screen size support customization, embedded system standard 7" can be customized 10.4" 12" 15"; industrial computer mode screen size is not limited. Positive and negative pressure forms and 8 test methods; two pressure forms and five test methods can be written into more than 20 test functions.

       ◆  A variety of communication protocols and interfaces: built-in RS232 and RS485 serial port, USB2.0 interface, external I / O control port.

        ◆  Optional bar code scanning function and PC software to facilitate product data management and quality traceability, instrument history can be up to 500,000.


(audio multi-station Air tightness test case)

System introduction:


AI algorithm

Automatic learning function, which can identify the characteristic information of the sample to be tested, analyze the valid data of the sample information, automatically judge the critical point of the leakage, and pass the threshold The analysis results in the optimal process time parameters, which greatly improves the difficulty of getting started with the initial contact instrument.

Stable, reliable, and improved efficiency

Built-in proprietary technology developed by the company, "IVT" pneumatic sealing valve island; greatly improved testing Accuracy, speed up the inflation, while the inflation phase has detected large leaks, saving the entire test time.



Modular design, implementation of a host-controlled multi-function full-function valve island implementation module . Full-featured multi-channel testing with positive and negative pressure and indirect testing.

Powerful test function

The system comes with 2 pressure forms, 8 basic determination methods, which can be combined into more than 20 tests. Features, easy to handle a variety of conditions, to meet your various requirements!


Powerful 32-bit processor and The 24-bit A/D converter, combined with the patented "smart differential" algorithm, has the same test accuracy as the differential pressure type. The leak range that can be tested compared to the differential pressure type is larger and is basically equal to the test range.

The test process is simple and versatile

No standard parts are required, no need to make two sets of fixtures, no need and standards For comparison, the deformation error of the standard parts after multiple tests is excluded.