Mobile phone seal detector

Mobile phone seal detector

Product Details

(Sealed Detection Instrument detection mobile phone application case)

       Mobile phone seal detector with the small and portable features in the air tightness detection market is very popular, the instrument's function and performance parameters can meet Most customers' needs also take into account the cost performance, which is very suitable for outdoor portable use, after-sales outlets for air tightness testing and sampling inspection on the production line for air tightness testing.


       ◆   can detect the airtightness of the workpiece Sexual and waterproof, with high precision and versatility;

       ◆  7-inch human-machine touch screen interface, convenient for users to set test parameters, View test records and other functions;

       ◆  At the same time, there are red and green lights on the touch screen to indicate whether the test is NG and qualified;

       ◆  With test data logging, you can download test data to a USB flash drive and display it on your computer;

        ◆  Communication interface USB port, serial port.

       ◆  With 100 user subroutines, the user tests the product of different model sizes by setting the parameters of the subroutine on the touch screen.

       ◆  The built-in lithium battery, no need for extra power, easy to carry, outdoor maintenance, after-sales network maintenance.

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