Airtight inspection equipment tooling

Airtight inspection equipment tooling

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        Because many products that require air tightness testing are not inflated In order to test these products, it is necessary to make corresponding tooling and molds for the products. Fixtures are mainly used to meet the processing requirements of the machining operation. The workpieces are clamped and positioned during the machining operation to ensure accurate positioning of the workpieces. The machining process is simple and smooth, and the precision machining and rapid machining process requirements are realized. Sub-desktop tooling is mainly used to check the sealing performance of the tested product with the airtightness tester. The precision of the seal of the tooling affects the accuracy of the test results. Therefore, the production of tooling and molds is very important.

       Desktop single-station tooling is a small tooling placed on the console, which is suitable for products with small test products and customers who do not need multi-channel inspection. . Such as mobile phones, charging treasures, motors, charging plugs, headphones, lights, cameras, etc. 

Airtight inspection equipment tooling diagram