Non-standard customized airtight testing equipment tooling

Non-standard customized airtight testing equipment tooling

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Product Description

       We not only provide a single gas The confidentiality detector can also produce non-standard airtightness testing equipment according to customer requirements.

       Every product we receive for air tightness testing is customized for customers. Different products need to be customized with different sealing fixtures. Sealing of fixed products,

        By connecting a gas tightness tester to form an automated test system, due to the different shapes and sizes of different products, the required fixtures are not Just like, you need to design custom tooling based on the product.  

        Some manufacturers need to do a large amount of air tightness testing products, in order to improve the efficiency of air tightness testing, we can do two stations, three stations even Four station air tightness test equipment. Up to six station air tightness testing equipment can be used.

        This multi-station air tightness tester is suitable for customers who want to detect high output and want to improve the detection speed. The picture below shows some of the multi-station air tightness testing equipment we have done.