Air-Tight testing equipment

Air-Tight testing equipment

Product Details

        Air-Tight testing equipmentis a widely used in a variety of seals air tightness testing equipment, such as faucet valve body, cylinder block, piston cavity, bending tube cavity, pressure gauge, gas tank and so on. Can be used as a production-type batch test, or as a test or laboratory use. Air-tight testing equipment is widely used in automotive parts, medical equipment, die castings, agriculture, chemical industry, electronic parts and other industries. In the product production line, air-tight testing equipment plays a vital role in ensuring the quality of the product.

My company produces air-tight testing equipment with high leakage detection sensitivity and direct pressure resolution, and has a strong extended input and output capacity, a variety of channel parameter settings and selection, large-capacity recording storage space, quality detection, communication processing, data transmission and other functions. The air-tight detection equipment is simple and convenient to operate, and can be used to test the tested products manually or automatically under different conditions.

Air-tight testing equipment Tooling