Air-tight leak detector

Air-tight leak detector

Product Details

        Air-tight leak detectoris to fill the sealing room with a set pressure of compressed air, by measuring the internal pressure or flow of the workpiece to detect whether there is a principle of leakage. The airtight leak detector has a special pneumatic valve group with low leakage and reliable operation, and a high sensitivity, high pressure leak detection sensor (pressure sensor or flow sensor). The airtight leak detector has high direct pressure resolution and leak detection sensitivity, and has powerful extended input and output, multi-channel parameter setting and selection, high-capacity recording and storage, communication processing, quality inspection, data transmission functions and so on. The airtight leak detector is simple and convenient to operate, and can detect the products under test manually or automatically under different conditions.

Leakage testing plays an important role in ensuring product quality in the production lines of automotive parts, medical equipment, ignition parts, die-casting processing, electronic communications and other products. The original air tightness detection method is to fill the compressed air with compressed air and observe the bubble state caused by leakage to determine whether there is leakage and leakage of the size, so the possibility of leak detection is very high, can not determine the specific leakage, the product also needs to dry, increase cycle and can not achieve other defects such as automation. Although a variety of detection methods have been adopted, the sensitivity of leak detection, pressure, testing costs and equipment maintenance and control are not enough. However, the emergence of a series of airtight leak detector products has overcome these shortcomings and has become an effective, economical and practical leak detection equipment to date.

Functional characteristics of air-tight leak detector
1, embedded operating system, suitable for industrial field, stable and reliable;
2, 7 inch touch screen display and operation, clear interface, friendly, easy to operate;
3, Stainless steel operation button, stable and reliable, long life;
4, with 64 sets of parameter channel storage, you can easily select and set the parameter channel;
5, according to historical records such as: work number, record number, date, such as data statistics, quality monitoring and other analysis functions;
6, high-capacity memory, can store 10,000 sets of test results, but also through the host computer permanent storage of all test records;
7, test pressure can be used kpa, kg/cm2, PSI, MmH2O, MmHg, PA and other multi-unit display;
8, leakage test results can be Pa, pa/s, ml/s, Ml/min and other multi-unit display;
9, with a sound product chain, a variety of selection of accessories combination, to meet the needs of different products testing;
10, the output node can be on the touch screen according to the different states of detection for free combination of editing, a rich contact, can be connected to Plc, can also directly drive external equipment;
11, with serial RS232, USB data output and communication functions.

Air tightness leak Detector application area

Auto Parts

Fuel Systems

Fuel system assembly, fuel filter, fuel cover, fuel float, fuel tank, fuel tank cover, fuel meter, fuel nozzle, fuel pipe, fuel pump, low voltage fuel circuit

Power Systems

Engine waterway/oil channel, cylinder head valve, engine assembly, crankshaft rear oil seal, oil bottom shell, oil filter, machine oil pump, pump shell, air filter, turbocharger

Driveline Systems

Gearbox shell, axle, hub, oil heater, heat exchanger core material

Cooling system

Cooling circuit, cooling float, water pump, oil cooler, heat exchanger, heat exchanger box

Electrical systems

Batteries, headlights, air conditioning parts, waterproof plugs, solenoid valves, window electronic control boxes, electric injection systems, speakers, temperature switches

Steering system


Brake Systems

ABS brake circuit, brake pump, brake pipeline, brake clamp, wheel cylinder

Exhaust system

Inlet and exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, muffler assembly

Medical devices

Catheter, condom, medicinal glass bottle, hydraulic joint, drainage bag, medicinal plastic bottle, pneumatic connector, medicinal spray tank, surgical gloves, infusion tube, artificial respirator, sprayer, flexible tube plastic valve, pressure regulator

Die Castings

Ball valve body, brake caliper, brake cylinder block, camshaft cover, casting radiator, clutch housing, cylinder head, engine body, exhaust manifold, gearbox shell, heat exchanger intake manifold, oil sump, pump hood, Steering machine, turbocharger, pump castings, wheel ring.



Spray pump, spray valve, complete sprayer, deodorant rod, plastic bag, plastic bottle, cosmetic plastic bottle, spray tank, aluminum alloy connector, float ball, heater connector, hydraulic joint, hydraulic valve, pneumatic connector, Jack, pneumatic spring, air transmission device, pneumatic valve, regulating valve, temperature valve, thermostat

Electronic Parts

Avionics, electronic components, television and computer monitors, camera and camera lenses, monitors, mobile phones, watches, other waterproof electronic devices

Gas-tight leak detector part of the workpiece under test