Automobile ECU Special Air tightness testing equipment

Automobile ECU Special Air tightness testing equipment

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Automobile ECU, like the human brain, is made up of many integrated circuits that control the various functions and movements of a car through sensors. Conventional ECU waterproofing testing is through immersion testing, which is easy to cause water vapor infiltration, internal components due to water erosion, resulting in a part of the vehicle function can not work properly or control confusion. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, Jin Yi Aviation technicians conducted repeated research and testing, and finally launched a car ECU dedicatedAir-Tight testing equipment, which greatly improves the detection efficiency and accuracy.

Design R & amp; d because of the automobile ECU appearance, we have an anti-conventional thinking on the difficulties of each breakthrough, the analysis is as follows:
1, ECU appearance belongs to the irregular module, four borders each has an irregular protrusion connection port, so we have a variety of simulation research on the car ECU Special air tightness testing tooling, and finally developed a special tooling;
2, ECU is by the processor, memory, converter, all kinds of interfaces composed of integrated circuits, outside by waterproof plastic shell wrapped, so can not be calculated to obtain the volume of the cavity, the accuracy of gas leakage is also difficult to control.

First, the appearance of the car ECU display
1, the shape of this car ECU is an irregular cuboid, on both sides of the width of two raised modules, the long side is two irregular raised connection port;
2, it is composed of microprocessors, memory, input, output interface, analog-to-air converters and plastic, drive and other integrated circuits, and wrapped from waterproof shell, so that the waterproof detection is not conducive to the calculation of gas leakage for accurate waterproof detection; we inject a certain volume of gas into the mold through the gas source, When the air pressure is automatically cut off and the gas supply is entered into the voltage stabilization stage, the air tightness detection system of Jin Yi Air will monitor the air pressure in the mold to determine the sealing by the amount of leakage. The test picture is as follows:

(automobile ECU air tightness detection scene diagram)

Ii. Display and parameters of automobile ECU waterproofing detector

Third, the automobile ECU waterproofing detector Tooling