Intelligent Watch air tightness testing equipment

Intelligent Watch air tightness testing equipment

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Smart watches are watches with information processing capabilities that meet the basic technical requirements of watches. Using a smart watchAir-Tight testing equipmentAir tightness testing is particularly important. Because the shape of the smart watch is relatively small and exquisite, for manufacturers, its high air tightness is conducive to production safety, for consumers, the good air tightness of smart watches is conducive to ensuring its accuracy in use. King Ii Technology in the intelligent watch gas-tight testing equipment has done a lot of research, testing equipment quality is also well received by customers.

Intelligent Watch air tightness testing equipment

First, the difficulty point of air tightness detection of intelligent watches

1, the only thing we need to test is the shell of the watch. The overall work of the shell is more granular. Round metal housing material plus the glass surface covered above. There are two rings on the upper and lower sides of the housing to secure the strap. The right side is used to adjust the rotation and distortion of the time, the overall precision is high.

Smart watch Housing

2. Because of the high precision of the whole shell, it is impossible to use the method of directly injecting gas into the inside of the shell during the test, so it is necessary to use the mold as an auxiliary tool for the test.

Ii. the air tightness detection process of intelligent watches

1, for the special shape of smart watches, King Ii technology using custom molds. Because of the strong sealing ability of this smart watch, as long as the test at the beginning of the mold, the groove in the mold can be customized according to the size of the smart watch, the card put in the right time, so in the test, the upper and lower parts of the mold will be closed to form a sealing space.

Demonstration of air tightness testing process for intelligent watches

2, when the equipment starts, the equipment through the device to the closed mold inflatable, the equipment pressure slowly rising. When the pressure reaches the set value, the inside of the mold will be in a constant state. At this point, the inlet pipe will determine the flow value to detect whether the flow of the exhaust pipe meets the standards.

Detailed display of air tightness detection of smart watches

3, if the smart watch's air tightness is not good, there will be leakage phenomenon. At this point, the leak value of the device shows more and more data, and the pressure value drops. At this point, we can tell if the smart table is leaking, and the device test results will also show NG, indicating that the airtightness test failed. If the tested smart watch is not leaking, the gas in the mold will remain constant after inflating. The pressure and leak values displayed on the device are also stable. The test results of the equipment are normal, indicating that the air tightness test passed.

Third, air-tight testing equipment parameters